May 15, 2014

What to do now that FCC has approved rule allowing paid priority on internet?

It seems that public opposition to the creation of a two tiered internet, where wealthy businesses can pay ISPs to receive faster, priority treatment over other traffic, has been ignored by the FCC. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything different in light of the fact that the head of the FCC is a former lobbyist for Comcast. So is this game over for the free internet as we know it, or does anything remain for the public to do to stop this fiasco?

You can try contacting the FCC:


And contact your senators and congressmen, and the president:


And remember who is behind all of this...responsible means in charge and pays the price for his subordinates.


TIme for Reid and Obama to get involved in government and not campaigning or giving speeches that do nothing but increase the likeihood of global warming from their incessant hot air.


The one good thing about moving onto this stage of the rulemaking process is that we are now in the official public comment period, which lasts for four months. While I do encourage calls to your elected representatives in Washington, the best thing to do now is to submit a written comment to the FCC during this period. Read the proposed rule, identify what you take issue with (cite it in your letter), and state your SPECIFIC reason for opposing that portion of the rule. Seriously, this is an important step in the process, and if you do it right your views can have an impact on the final rule.


DO NOT copy and paste a letter to send in opposition to the rule - these will be flagged as mass mailings and will have very little impact. Write your own comment...this is important! It will take 5-10 minutes out of your day, but I think this issue is vital enough to warrant that small sacrifice.


FCC Contact info: Refer to Proceeding #14-18. Here is the link to the FCC page for public comments. Click on 14-18 and enter your comments in the resulting form.


Stop blogging and useles tweeting and use the FCC complaint or request for public solicitations on this issue.


But remember this the next time you vote Democrat - check the committee and the donations made to them and by whom...bad enough the sold off the radio spectrum and then let Time Warner and several other smaller internet providers be squished by COMCAST. Now this - Big Brother is in bed with big government taking big kickbacks in the form of big campaign contributions and bonuses for rederal workers (this bonus bit is a violation of COI.)


In Europe or even Arabia I had internet, cell phone and cable for 45-50 Euro a month...we are ripped off by Congress and big business here.


SO this is the change you can believe in where Reid and Obama made more money by serving you than before they had a real job???

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