May 15, 2014

How to use USB Flash drive to improve Windows 8 performance?

I overheard a couple guys talking about using a Flash drive to improve Windows 8 performance. I didn’t want to interrupt their lunch to ask about it, but has anyone tried this or know what they were talking about? Actually, how would you try it?

HTG Explains: Is ReadyBoost Worth Using?

"Connect a USB stick to a Windows computer – even on Windows 8 – and Windows will ask if you want to speed up your system using ReadyBoost. But what exactly is ReadyBoost, and will it actually speed up your computer?

ReadyBoost was introduced in Windows Vista, where it was a heavily promoted feature. Unfortunately, ReadyBoost isn’t a silver bullet that will make your computer faster, although it may be useful in some limited circumstances."

Windows 8 uses something called “SuperFetch” and “ReadyBoost” to monitor your usage patterns and pre-fetch data that you are likely to use into memory. Thus, it increases performance because Windows doesn’t have to retrieve the data from your hard drive when it is needed. When you insert a USB flash drive Windows 8 should ask if you want to use the device to speed up your system. If you do, it uses the flash drive’s storage to cache the data that SuperFetch thinks you might need. This frees up system memory that would otherwise be dedicated to the task, and the additional available memory should improve system performance. Pretty is a pretty neat feature, and I’m surprised this hasn’t been publicized more by Microsoft.

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