May 15, 2014

Converting Slideshows into .mp4's

I'm trying to convert Powerpoint slideshow into a mp4 on a windows OS, and i'm also using a Linux Mint 16 OS. How do i convert the presentations on both OS's to mp4's?

For linux help you can try the linux mint
Kreiley has this covered in that answer. For Linux Mint help you can try the Linux Mint forum:


I’m not sure about Mint, but on Windows, the latest version of PowerPoint will allow you to save as MP4 instead of PPT format. PowerPoint will also allow you to imbed an MP4 in a PowerPoint presentation with the QuickTime plugin. Be aware that some of the 3rd party conversion programs have gotten poor reviews, so I would probably stay away from those. For example, Xilisoft’s converter has low scores from users on Cnet, so you might want to avoid that one. 


All you need to do is open Office 2013, find the PPT or PPTX file that you want to convert to MP4 and open it. Then FILE>SAVE AS (pick a location). Then, choose MP4 from “save as type” option list and click SAVE.

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