May 13, 2014

Will removal of Kinect help the XBox One compete with the PS4, or is it a bad move by Microsoft?

I had thought that the Kinect was something Microsoft was making the core of the XBox One experience. Now they have announced that the XBox One will be available without Kinect. Is this a good move or a bad one? It will bring the price down to the $400 level like the PS4, but it removes the feature that differentiates the XBox One from the PS4.


If the Xbox One will still be available with the kinect (after they release the edition without it) , I think it`s a good move, since it will give people more options to choose from. Some people might not want the kinect anyway, so it`s a good way to save 100 bucks. I will not buy it either way, since I don`t play games that much. But if I had to choose one of the consoles, I think I would go with the ps4 because the ps3 had great exclusive titles like heavy rain and the last of us. 

Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi Explains The Xbox One's Split With Kinect

"Microsoft surprised everyone today by announcing a couple of huge changes to the Xbox One, chief among them the fact that the console would be available at a $399 price point starting in June, minus the formerly bundled Kinect motion/voice control system.

There’s already a debate raging about whether or not this is good for the console. It’s a lower price, but now what separates the Xbox One from its rival, Sony’s PS4, if the Kinect is optional?

Microsoft has answers to all the most pressing questions regarding the unbundling, and I got to speak with Xbox’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Yusuf Mehdi, who helped clarify their positions on the Kinect, PS4 and the future of the Xbox One. He says this is a fan-driven decision, but that Kinect isn’t a miss or mistake either. Our conversation starts below."

Kinect is not really vital to XBox One operation, has few compelling reason to use it, and has little 3rd party support. I suspect dropping it to lower the price to $400 will help sales significantly. However, there are going to be some mighty annoyed early adopters who are stuck with the more expensive original package that included Kinect.  


They may also remove another “feature” that differentiates it from the competition: forcing people to purchase an XBox Gold membership to access Netflix, Hulu, etc. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about getting these services for free, I’m talking about being forced to pay Microsoft $60 EXTRA just to be able to watch them. If you want to know the one reason why I went with a PS3 over an X360 (it was the same deal with both generations of XBox), you just got it. I’m sure there were many people that made the same decision to go with PS4 over the One because of it. Honestly, I think this will help sales just as much, if not more, than dropping Kinect. 

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