May 13, 2014

How important are SAS 70 type I and II certifications?

When companies choose data centers, how important are SAS 70 certifications in the process? Are these just a meny making opportunity for those handing out the certs? If a data center does not have SAS 70 certifications, does it make it harder to attract enterprise customers?


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SAS Institute regularly adds perfections on their products with new features. So that’s, it is quiet hard to keep updated manually on all subjects and issues. Though, PrepNerds will provide you all updated content according to your SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence certification exam or which certification you are going to attend.

For those who aren't familiar with SAS 70:

SAS 70 Definition

"Statement on Auditing Standards No.70 (SAS 70) is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in 1992. It is used to report on the "processing of transactions by service organizations", which can be done by completing either a Type I or a Type II audit. A SAS 70 Type I is known as "reporting on controls placed in operation", while a SAS 70 Type II is known as "reporting on controls placed in operation" and "tests of operating effectiveness". "

I wouldn’t say SAS 70 certifications are of no value, but they are an added expense, and most customers aren’t going to require them. Those that do also have the option of conducting their own audit at their own expense, instead of increasing costs for the 98% of data center customers that do not require SAS 70 certification. Obviously, some people are going to have a different view on this.

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