May 06, 2014

How to copy iPod music to computer?

I tried to copy the songs to my computer but that didn’t work at all, when ipod was pluged in there was no music(only some pictures) shown on the computer! I know there must be one solution, anyone know how ?

iOS device is not a storage device, the transfer in one way - from computer to device. But there is a way out:
Step 1. Plug your iPod into the computer using the Apple USB connection cable. Open iTunes if it doesn't launch automatically.
Step 2. Select the iPod from the "Devices" section of iTunes. Locate the information labeled "Options" and select the box marked "Enable disk use." Click "OK."
Step 3. Click the Windows Start button and click on "Computer" in the right column of the Start menu that opens. Double-click the icon for the iPod device in the Windows Explorer file browser window that opens.
Step 4. Select the "Tools" menu and click "Folder Options." Press the "View" tab, and check the box marked "Show hidden files and folders."
Step 5. Open the directory named "iPod_Controls," which is located in the main file folder of the iPod. View the subfolder named "Music." Select the "Edit" menu, and choose "Select All."
Step 6. Drag and drop the selected files and folders to a convenient location on the computer, such as the "My Music" folder. Wait for all of the files to transfer from the iPod.
Step 7. Click "File" and then "Add Folder to Library," both in iTunes. Select the folder that contains all of the transferred music, and click "Import." The music files from the iPod is added to the iTunes library.

More tutorial:
You can try this FonePaw iOS Transfer, it can help you copy songs, videos, movie, photos, playlists, podcasts from iPod to computer. It supports all series of iPod including iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, even the iPad, iPhone. It's safe and works pretty well for me.
How to Copy Music from Your iPod to Your Computer

"There are many methods available to move your music from your iPod to your computer using various applications, but the methods that are shown here don't require any of those to be accessed. Read on to have your favorite songs on your iPod easily accessible on your computer."
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