May 06, 2014

How to prepare Android phone before I sell it?

I’m going to upgrade my current HTC phone, and plan on selling it to help cover the cost of the upgrade. What do I need to do to the phone to get it ready to sell?

How to Prepare Your Android Phone for Re-Sale

"The smartphone industry is a fickle world and many users choose to swap out phones to stay up to date with the latest hardware. I, for one, never buy phones tied to any sort of contract so i’m able to easily sell or pass on old hardware to make room for the latest and greatest.

With a large market for second-hand phones and a plethora of businesses who will take your phone off your hands if you can’t find a independent buyer, it’s a practice you can easily get involved in. In this How To article, we’re going to take a look at preparing your phone for sale (both hardware-wise and software-wise)."

You are going to want to do a factory reset to remove your accounts and information from the device. Just go into settings menu and find the option, which will vary slightly between devices and Android versions (settings>personal>device reset in Android 4.4). Don’t forget about your SD card, if you have one in the phone. Remove it and hang onto it, or at the very least wipe it so all those, ahem, personal photos don’t end up with someone else. Also, remember to remove your SIM card, if applicable. Beyond doing these things for your personal protection, try to clean the phone up and locate the original accessories and packaging if you still have it. Depending on where you sell it, this can make a difference in how much you get for it. Private buyers, more so than companies that take used phones, really like having all the boxes, paperwork, etc.

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