May 03, 2014

How to map a network drive in Windows 8?

What’s the process to map a network drive in Windows 8?

How To Map Network Drive In Windows 8 (For Quick Access)

"Either you are working in any production environment or you are using locally connected computers in your home network you always prefer to share your files with other computers in order to eliminate the requirement of manually copying the files to any external storage media and then transferring them to other computers. Same is the case when you want to copy the files which are stored on another computer to your computer. This means that even in this case you would prefer to access the files located on any remote computer through network shares.

The matter of fact is that it becomes quite hectic if every time you are supposed to enter the entire path of the network share in order to access files or folders stored on any remote computer. Microsoft understands this problem and therefore it provides you a feature named Network Drive Mapping which allows you to create a shortcut of any remotely shared folder to your local computer as a mapped network drive.

As a Windows 8 user if you want to map any remotely shared folder as a network drive to your local computer you are required to follow the steps below..."
Go to “File Explorer” (you can just type it in to search for it). Once there, click “computer” (left side of window) and select the “computer” tab at the top, then click on the “map network drive” icon. A setup wizard should come up and walk you through the process.
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