Jul 14, 2011

Should my company have a blog?

The fall of the paper-printed newsletter industry coinciding with the propagation of so many blogs from so many authors that it's difficult to keep up on a subject. My company is thinking of putting a blog on their site, but I wonder if it would get enough traffic to be worth the effort. Is setting up a company blog a waste of time and effort, or is it helpful enough to the company's image and search engine optimization to be worth the expense?

If the blog actually has value for its readers then yes. If it's just a marketing vehicle then it might not be worth the effort. Most people know blatant marketing when they see it. So you must have true informational value if you want your blog to succeed. A bit of marketing here or there is fine, but if you want readers then you must offer them something useful.

I recommend WordPress, by the way. It's a very good blogging solution. I use it and it has many useful plugins that you can get for free.

Depends on the kind of company it is, and who would be available to blog. If the blog is only going to be used as a marketing vehicle, I'd pass. However, if the blogger provided insight into industry trends, changes, etc.,  that's of value to readers and potential customers.


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