May 01, 2014

How to resolve limited connectivity error on Windows 7 laptop?

When connecting my personal laptop, which is running Windows 7, to my office’s wireless network I keep getting a “limited connectivity error”. I can connect fine at home. What can I do to resolve this?

2 days ago
My Eco wingle is showing limited access how could I make is for all devices special for laptop plzzzzzzzzzz help me
1. Run cmd as administrator
2. Input netsh winsock reset, then press enter
3. Restart your computer

Read more: http://update-windows-drivers.blogspot.com/2015/03/solutions-to-computer-cannot-connect-to-wifi.html
Fixed it for me. Thanks so much!
h ow to resolve limited access connectivity
I had an issue where only my windows 7 enterprise laptop would not connect to Wifi. It would disable the router and no other devices could connect. It would show limited access in the laptop. But wired connection to the router would work to connect to internet.

I tried 100 things but the one thing which worked was to upgrade the firmware of the router. I have TP-link WR841N router. I went to their website got the update of the same version of firmware. After running the setup and restarting the router, modem and laptop now it looks like it is working.
guys I found the solution myself
simply go to :
Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center
from the left pane choose:
manage wireless networks
then delete ur network connection
after that choose adapter properties

under: this connection uses the following items :
uncheck : AVG network filter driver
and retry reconnecting to network it will work immediately even without restarting system
Thx u thx u thx u so much i wish i could pay u
Thnk u so much.. I ws jst tired of ths problem :)
Thank u very much for such a smart solution.
Not working for me..
Thank you very much its really work
Thanks for the fix.

I would like add a point here. I was having the same problem. I did the same but I had an entry of hotspot shield (which i removed recently) instead AVG filter. This was creating problem. So I unchecked it and it worked.

Thank you.

Make your sure that whether your office wifi connection requires ip address or not ? You can check this by following steps:


1) open control panel > Network and internet > network and sharing center > change adapter settings(topright) >  right click on Wireless network connection > properties > double click on IPV4 


You can either put the IP address as provided by your office IPS or you may remove it , in case it doesn't require.


Hope it works !! :)


I suggest to perform these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1) Temporary disable firewall and antivirus on your PC

2) Reinstall or update your NIC driver.

3) Disable IPV6

4) Check the NETBIOS of TCP/IP is enable or not

5) Furthermore, you can go to computer management\device manger, select Network adapters and press view\show hidden devices, remove all unnecessary network drivers.


I would check a few things. Make sure your laptop’s wireless network card is set to automatically receive an IP address. If not, clear your current IP and DNS settings and let them be set automatically. Also make sure that the latest drivers for your wireless network card are installed. 


If that doesn’t work, check to make sure that you wireless card supports the transmit mode used by the router (802.11b, 802.11c, 802.11n). If it doesn’t, the wireless mode on the router would need to be changed. Also, check to see if MAC address filtering is enabled on the router and add your laptop if necessary. Other than that, about all you can do is make sure the firmware is up to date on the router. There is a chance that your laptop’s wireless card in incompatible with the router. 

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