May 01, 2014

How to view MP4s on older white plastic MacBook running Leopard?

I took some videos in MP4 format on a flash drive over to a friend’s. I knew he had a MacBook, but I didn’t realize it was one of the old white plastic ones. You know the ones….big gap at bottom of screen where the plastic is sagged/stretched, crack around trackpad, cracks on rear corners. He doesn’t want to replace it because (1) “A new MacBook is too expensive,” (2) “Windows isn’t as good.” Well, it might be awesome, but the native video player won’t play MP4s. Also, his hard drive is nearly full, so he doesn’t have room to install much more software. So, taking that into consideration, what would be a small footprint video player that will run on Leopard and support MP4 playback?

I agree with Aiden, VLC is terrific. I have it on all of my computers.

VLC player would by my first choice. It’s open source, works well, and it’s free. VideoLAN still has versions of VLC player to download for Macs going back to 10.1 Puma available on their website, and even older versions are available through their FTP archive.    


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