Apr 24, 2014

Will having CyanogenMod OS instead of Android make a difference with the OnePlus One smartphone?

The new OnePlus One seems like a pretty killer phone just from looking at the specs, especially for $299. However it comes with CyanogenMod OS instead of Android. Will this cause problems with apps or support from service providers? Are there any other drawbacks of CyanogenMod?


"CyanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware for a number of cell phones based on the open-source Android operating system. It offers features not found in the official Android based firmwares of vendors."

Think of that as a bonus. Many people root their Android phone to install CyanogenMod. Also, it is a version of Android, it is just not Google’s version. I don’t know if the OnePlus One will have access to Google Play, that’s a different question - it requires Google’s approval and I’m not sure they will approve a “non-Google” version of Android. One owners might have to rely on Amazon’s App Store or other sources for apps, but that is just speculation. If you get a One (Couldn’t they have named it something different than HTC’s flagship offering?), Cyanogenmod will give you greater control over your device than standard Android, and it looks pretty too. 

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