Apr 23, 2014

Can I add an external hard drive to a PS4?

I’ve almost convinced myself to get a PS4, but I’m a little concerned about being limited to 500gb of internal storage in light of the size of games and increasing popularity of downloading “retail” titles. Can an external hard drive be added to a PS4 for additional storage?

6 days ago
Just upgrademail your harddrive in the ps4 I have a 2tb 7200 rpm installed Sonyencourages this
i have read this and i can say i have both xbox one and ps4
i have filled up my ps4 hard drive and have to keep uninstalling games to add updates to other games and install a new game
reading what people say it seems a lot harder to had more space to ps4
on xbox one easy just buy a usb 3 external hard drive plug it in usb port done extra 2tb can be done like this on wiiu aswell even with a usb 2 external hard drive and in both it can and run will games from them no problems but must be a usb 3 on xbox one to run games

now why cant sony make it that easy fo ps4 just buy external hard drive plug into usb port done
how easy would that be no need to swap drives out this that and the other
so why dont sony make an update so you can just add a usb hard drive to run your games
Running games from a USB attached drive is a bad idea and is just going to increase your load times. While Xbone is convenient in that it allows you to use external storage, the most logical way to use this is to move games you might not play for a while onto the external and make sure that games you're currently playing always stay on the core internal drive. I believe PS4 allows you to do this by making a backup of your internal storage to USB, then you could delete what you want to archive off and then move it back over later. Same exact functionality as Xbone, if you aren't silly enough to play off USB media.

For PS4, updating the HDD internally is as easy as removing a side panel....then letting the PS4 provision the disk. Done.
I think the reason Sony gave specifically for not supporting running games off USB drives is that there would always be people stupid enough to do it and then they would complain endlessly about the load times...

Say what you will, but Sony is forcing us to not be stupid. Plus updating the internal drive is just the most logical method, it doesn't void the warranty in any way, you can actually improve performance by using a higher RPM drive or solid state. Load times are actually markedly improved this way. If you ever need your PS4 serviced, you can pop back in the original drive and its kosher with Sony support.

Microsoft's warranty is null and void if you upgrade the harddrive.
Actually, you are incorrect. The download speed is actually improved with the 3.0 external Harddrive.


It is also extremely convenient when it pertains to transporting (i.e. Bringing games a friend's house). I just plug-in+log-on(done). In fact, storage space is the only reason why my Xbox one library is more extensive than my PS4.
4 days ago
Well, they could of added an esata port. I have a 3 tb drive on my computer where 900 out of my 1300 games are stored on steam. Works just fine. Loading times are only about 1 second longer on the FPS games I tested it on. USB3 is supposed to be more bandwith then esata, but I'm not sure about the speed. But since you are talking about loading times, USB 3 is just fine.
Update: Nyko released an add-on that sort of sits on top of the PS4 and allows the use of 3.5" drives (the internal HDD is a 2.5" drive). It utilizes the stock power PS4 supply, which is pretty neat, but say goodby to the sleek appearance of your PS4 if you decide to go that route. Also, much of the cost savings of going with a 3.5" HDD will likely be negated by the purchase price of the Nyko dock, although a retail price and exact release date is still unknown.

Here is a photo of it, if you want to judge how it looks for yourself: http://www.polygon.com/2015/1/7/7505477/nyko-data-bank-ps4-hard-drive

I just wanted to add to this that you actually CAN use an external HDD and play games off of it, but you will need to remove the OEM HDD, use a SATA extension cable to connect to the PS4's standard HDD port, and use an external enclosure for the HDD. Essentially, you are really just replacing the internal HDD, but using a longer cable to allow it to live outside of your PS4. This will allow you to use 3.5" drives, which gets you more drive space for the dollar. 


I suggest just swapping it out instead, Sony makes it very easy, and you can swap out the factory HDD for a standard 2.5” hard drive, just like a laptop. I would just get a 1TB. You should be able to pick one up for $70-80. Check out the instructions in the link on how to upgrade the PS4 HDD, it is pretty simple and would only take you a few minutes. I did it with my PS3 and highly recommend the upgrade for any PS3 or PS4 owner that plays a lot of games.  


Hi hope I'm not too late here! But say I swapped out my hard drive would that mean all the data would be gone from it too? Because I have a ton of games on there and it would be nice not to just keep swapping out hard drives!
That's a good question.

With the PS3, if you swap out your original HDD, it generates a new key for the new HDD. The result of this is that when you try to put the original one back in, the system doesn't recognize it and makes you reformat the drive, which of course erases all of those game files.

I have not tested this with the PS4, since before I even turned it on I upgraded the HDD. They may have changed the way it works for the PS4, but to be safe I would assume that they haven't. If not, and it works the same as a PS3, you will be unable to access those games that you already have downloaded on your original drive.

If you have a PSN+ membership, you can store all of your save files in the cloud then restore them when you get the new drive installed, but of course that's not the actual game file, so you still have to redownload all of the games, patches, DLC, etc.
That is exactly what happens. You have a useless harddrive until you reinstall. However, with an external, you can use all of your storage space like on XBOX One. This and lack of ports on my PS4 are my main gripes.
Yes, the PlayStation 4 Supports External Storage, but There’s a Catch

"It was probably a given, but we now know that while the PlayStation 4 supports external storage (like the PlayStation 3 before it), we won’t be able to use that storage to play downloaded games. Thank Sony games honcho Shuhei Yoshida — one of those rare corporate divisional presidents who spends a pile of time fielding questions on Twitter, pretty much daily – for confirming as much last week."
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