Apr 23, 2014

Can I add an external hard drive to a PS4?

I’ve almost convinced myself to get a PS4, but I’m a little concerned about being limited to 500gb of internal storage in light of the size of games and increasing popularity of downloading “retail” titles. Can an external hard drive be added to a PS4 for additional storage?

PS3/PS4 use a proprietary FAT32 file system, is more common, and compatible with various machines. You'll just have to convert to it from NTFS.
Is there an a external hard drive for PS4 where can I get one from
No, but you can easily replace the internal drive. I upgraded to a 2TB HDD for around $95 from Amazon. Just make sure it is a 2.5" drive and no thicker than 9.5mm. You will also need a flash drive to reinstall the system software.
I'm seeing ppl say u can use an external to back up. I have a 1tb external can i move games I'm not playing at moment to the hard drive and take back to ps4 if required? My Internet is crap runs between 1.3-2.2 meg so nightmare having to delete games to make room for updates or dlc's
You should be able to connect through the USB ports on the front of your PS4, then go into your settings to backup individual games to your external drive. Just keep in mind that this only works as back up. You won't be able to play the games directly off of your external drive, you will have to copy them back to the internal drive first.
I have a hard drive from a bricked PS4 that I want to ADD/link to my working PS4. Howe would I go about doing that?
Yes you can add an external hard drive to the PS4 where the charging ports are for obviously the chargers for the controllers.
Hey do you know how to do that
Yes, you can connect an external drive through the USB ports on the front of the console, but you cannot play games that are stored on an external drive. It's only useful for media storage or backups (which is very helpful when replacing your internal drive with a larger one).
this is a question but

hi I need to know is about upgrading my internal hardrive, is 2TB the limit?

I understand the process 100% however:

and also

what about updated gaming software like the withcer3 which is about 17gig if I remember, will I have to update the game data again once installing the game on the new hardrive from the game disc you mention. If that's the case could I re-insert my older 500gig hardrive physically without doing the firmware process again to avoid updating gaming software again.

Kind regards
I would buy a 2.5in 2tb hard drive, you can get one right now for about 100 dollars, just look up, samsung 2.5in 2tb hard drive
Hardrives are in NTFS as default. Format the hardrive to FAT32. (formatting progams are available online) Once in this format, it will work with PS4.
have a my workbook tb4 external hard drive that i need to format for my ps4 can you give detailed instructions on how to do that...
You can go up to a 6TB. You just need to buy what is called a Data Bank. Its made by Nyko
Its this 100% real?
So i dont understand wat every1 is talking about just like an easy answer can i get more memory for my ps4 please help
If by memory, you mean more storage than the stock 500GB, then it is a simple process to replace the internal hard drive with a larger one you buy yourself. You can get a 1TB, 2.5" hard drive for around $60 on Amazon, then you just need to follow Sony's instructions on replacement. You will also need a flash drive to install the required files on the new hard drive. It's an easy process, and I did it without any problems.

IGN has a good guide with a video to help walk you through the process. Sony made this to be something people could do on their own, so don't be intimidated by the process. Just take your time and follow the steps carefully.
Thanx for th info
Idk everyone saying you can't play games off an external drive must not have tried on a Xbox one. I have both systems and I use a Toshiba 3 tb 3.0 and I literally put everything on there especially my downloaded games and I have no lag and no issues what so ever. I only paid 110 for it at wal Matt, honestly it's great I'm very happy I got it. People who says you cant either have experienced this problem on the old systems or the elitest pc fan boy nerds who act like they know everything cause they one time swapped out a hard drive on their computer and know for a "fact" that it's gospel truth for everything else. Save money and time pick one up a Wal-Mart or somewhere and don't look back.
Hey man you said you have both ps4 and xb1 and you use the external drive for the ps4 also or just the xb1?
That is complete bullshit. First of all to use an external HDD on xbox one to store games on and play those games off that HDD the xbox one automatically reformats the hard drive for use with xbox one making it unusable for ps4. Second of all you can NOT use an external HDD for ps4 to download games onto and play the games off of a external HDD that's complete bs. You can watch movies or listen to music off a external HDD on ps4 but NO GAMES. Support for external HDD game support is not available yet so stop spreading false information.
Just xbox one. You can't use external HDD for games on ps4 yet.
ok have you even ever herd of a thing called partitions lls or even dual booting for that matter anything is possible for that matter but still i do agree with you on the other point in which u made ps4 does not support external loads .
I use my external hard drive to store all my stuff. Soon as you hook it up to the Xbox one it formats and tells you, do you want to save all games and apps to the hard drive?? My ps4 is a joke not letting you do the same.
You cannot store Ps4 games on an external HD. You can with a X1. But Sony are looking into allowing external game storage support. As for media content then yes, both systems allow this. Swapping out a Hd in the ps4 is near fool prove providing you have a 1gb thumb drive as it needs to store vital PS data to allow new installed HD to be functional and vital data reinstalled after wards. It also does not void the PlayStation warranty. And games run faster from a higher speed drive on both systems. Going SSD is not worth the 7secs loading benefit compared to price/value ratio but If you like wasting money then go for it... Or buy a PC
then you can upgrade all you want
I have an internal 2 tb hard drive installed on my ps4 I forget the brand but it's lame that I have to open it up and put one in for the same money I spent on a 4tb external for my Xbox which was as simple as plug and play but hey beat it down for Sony they love happy endings
The anser is yes. You can use any external storage device for backup of data on the PS4, all game data. While you can move the game files externally you cannot install executable game files (for good reason... though these consoles all have usb 3.0 in them, there is still a clog in the read/write to and from external... smart gamers run gaims from primary internal drive.

You can also use it for patch data, videos and music (only in specific losless formats on the ps4, at the moment.).

Also, you can upgrade the internal hdd also.. if money ain't a thing ssd, but there are decent 1tb and 2 tb hybrid drives that work well for the ps4 internal and will boost load times as well as extend capacity. There is also a small amount of cloud storage for plus users.

Bear in mind, both xb1 and ps4 are limited to sata II speeds.

I myself run a 2tb ssd internal and a bank of 11tb of external hdd's pieced together from spare drives.

So yeah, you can add external, and upgrade internal (i have seen up to 8tb drives work internally on ps4... but you want more performance rather than raw capacity.)
2TB Hybrid drives that fit in a PS4? I think you might be mistaken. Please paste a link here.

Also, I'd like to know what brand of 2TB SSD drive you've been using in your PS4 since March 2015. I was under the impression the first 2TB SSD drive was released in June.
How do you hack it though, could you post a link pls. Thanks btw.
I believe HappySpaceInvdr was referring to the Solid State Drive (SSD) it's a Flash memory similar to a thumb drive. it doesn't have a disk. do your research before blaming someone that you think is being condescending, and their not.
Just upgrademail your harddrive in the ps4 I have a 2tb 7200 rpm installed Sonyencourages this
Do you have a link to where u got it? I can't find 2tb 7200. Or the model?
i have read this and i can say i have both xbox one and ps4
i have filled up my ps4 hard drive and have to keep uninstalling games to add updates to other games and install a new game
reading what people say it seems a lot harder to had more space to ps4
on xbox one easy just buy a usb 3 external hard drive plug it in usb port done extra 2tb can be done like this on wiiu aswell even with a usb 2 external hard drive and in both it can and run will games from them no problems but must be a usb 3 on xbox one to run games

now why cant sony make it that easy fo ps4 just buy external hard drive plug into usb port done
how easy would that be no need to swap drives out this that and the other
so why dont sony make an update so you can just add a usb hard drive to run your games
Running games from a USB attached drive is a bad idea and is just going to increase your load times. While Xbone is convenient in that it allows you to use external storage, the most logical way to use this is to move games you might not play for a while onto the external and make sure that games you're currently playing always stay on the core internal drive. I believe PS4 allows you to do this by making a backup of your internal storage to USB, then you could delete what you want to archive off and then move it back over later. Same exact functionality as Xbone, if you aren't silly enough to play off USB media.

For PS4, updating the HDD internally is as easy as removing a side panel....then letting the PS4 provision the disk. Done.
I think the reason Sony gave specifically for not supporting running games off USB drives is that there would always be people stupid enough to do it and then they would complain endlessly about the load times...

Say what you will, but Sony is forcing us to not be stupid. Plus updating the internal drive is just the most logical method, it doesn't void the warranty in any way, you can actually improve performance by using a higher RPM drive or solid state. Load times are actually markedly improved this way. If you ever need your PS4 serviced, you can pop back in the original drive and its kosher with Sony support.

Microsoft's warranty is null and void if you upgrade the harddrive.
Actually, you are incorrect. The download speed is actually improved with the 3.0 external Harddrive.


It is also extremely convenient when it pertains to transporting (i.e. Bringing games a friend's house). I just plug-in+log-on(done). In fact, storage space is the only reason why my Xbox one library is more extensive than my PS4.
Well, they could of added an esata port. I have a 3 tb drive on my computer where 900 out of my 1300 games are stored on steam. Works just fine. Loading times are only about 1 second longer on the FPS games I tested it on. USB3 is supposed to be more bandwith then esata, but I'm not sure about the speed. But since you are talking about loading times, USB 3 is just fine.
No, it is still limited to sata II speeds regardless... cute mobile games not an issue, but your main games should still run from the primary drive on a console. It really isn't the same.
I gotta disagree i got i 2 TB external for my Xbox one and the games that i have installed on my external run quicker then the games on my internal.
I have the same type of triple A games installed on both my internal and external. And even tested by deleting a game from my internal then re installing it on my external. The external drive runs quicker on my xbox. So no it's not just for cute mobile games. Space on these systems are very limited and people need to know the truth, that they can safely use an external and not expect long load times.

The only thing i can think of is that i have some special external but that's just not the case. I payed like 130$ for my WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive. Only downside is it needs a plug for power but that's not rele a big deal. It has helped me out tremendously.
Sorry its a 4TB not 2 and for anyone wondering i got a WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive for about 130$ on amazon. Worth every penny. Only thing you need to know is that it requires a power outlet to power it.
This is not surprising since the stock hd for xbox runs at 5400 rpm. Any new hd worth anything spins at 7200 rpm. I bet your external spins at 7200 so comparing the two is just pointless.
I'd love to hear a rebuttal from the people that down voted me. I'm telling people the truth and something that could save them alot of hassle by just keeping the internal.

I did tests used a stopwatch on my phone. My external loads games quicker then my internal no other way around it if your gonna down vote me explain why. Because your giving out false information...

You can lay out facts and this and that but i did tests, your just reading something or regurgitating what you learned. Maybe not all externals are faster and maybe some are slower. But not all i'v given the one i use. You can see for yourself.
@ KYZ. People are weird and downvote things without any discernable reason. My post was downvoted although it is factually accurate and I specifically stated what was the case for the PS3 and that it might be the same with the PS4 but I wasn't certain, michaelconnell's post was downvoted although it is factually accurate, etc.

The only thing I can think of is that you were talking about an external drive for the XBone and you might have gotten fanboy downvoted. Don't sweat it, the majority of people don't vote up or down, so a minority of people can make it look like you are getting downvoted by a higher percentage of people than you are. Here...have an upvote!
You wasted your money on that hard drive for the Wii U, a couple of beefy flash drives (64gb) would have been enough for you. Even if you have an big collection of e-shop titles, like me. The Wii U games don't take up much space at all. And I haven't noticed any difference when running the games off of the flash drive (you can only have one plugged in at a time) vs the internal memory.
been running full on games from an external with no issues whatsoever...
So true, now with Xbox one backwards capabilities Sony are looking alttle lazy....easy gaming is all I want don't get me wrong I love my ps4, but don't fancy taking it apart to put a new hard drive in....sort it out Sony man 😁
Dude I run all my games off my 4tb external on my Xbox to keep the Ui running better and there is ZERO issue. There is no noticeable load difference and my Xbox runs better doing it that way. But I know hypothetical is more reliable than actsually doing it
Update: Nyko released an add-on that sort of sits on top of the PS4 and allows the use of 3.5" drives (the internal HDD is a 2.5" drive). It utilizes the stock power PS4 supply, which is pretty neat, but say goodby to the sleek appearance of your PS4 if you decide to go that route. Also, much of the cost savings of going with a 3.5" HDD will likely be negated by the purchase price of the Nyko dock, although a retail price and exact release date is still unknown.

Here is a photo of it, if you want to judge how it looks for yourself: http://www.polygon.com/2015/1/7/7505477/nyko-data-bank-ps4-hard-drive

I just wanted to add to this that you actually CAN use an external HDD and play games off of it, but you will need to remove the OEM HDD, use a SATA extension cable to connect to the PS4's standard HDD port, and use an external enclosure for the HDD. Essentially, you are really just replacing the internal HDD, but using a longer cable to allow it to live outside of your PS4. This will allow you to use 3.5" drives, which gets you more drive space for the dollar. 


I suggest just swapping it out instead, Sony makes it very easy, and you can swap out the factory HDD for a standard 2.5” hard drive, just like a laptop. I would just get a 1TB. You should be able to pick one up for $70-80. Check out the instructions in the link on how to upgrade the PS4 HDD, it is pretty simple and would only take you a few minutes. I did it with my PS3 and highly recommend the upgrade for any PS3 or PS4 owner that plays a lot of games.  


Hi hope I'm not too late here! But say I swapped out my hard drive would that mean all the data would be gone from it too? Because I have a ton of games on there and it would be nice not to just keep swapping out hard drives!
That's a good question.

With the PS3, if you swap out your original HDD, it generates a new key for the new HDD. The result of this is that when you try to put the original one back in, the system doesn't recognize it and makes you reformat the drive, which of course erases all of those game files.

I have not tested this with the PS4, since before I even turned it on I upgraded the HDD. They may have changed the way it works for the PS4, but to be safe I would assume that they haven't. If not, and it works the same as a PS3, you will be unable to access those games that you already have downloaded on your original drive.

If you have a PSN+ membership, you can store all of your save files in the cloud then restore them when you get the new drive installed, but of course that's not the actual game file, so you still have to redownload all of the games, patches, DLC, etc.
That is exactly what happens. You have a useless harddrive until you reinstall. However, with an external, you can use all of your storage space like on XBOX One. This and lack of ports on my PS4 are my main gripes.
Bo, data not gone, there is back up functions for ps4, specifically meant for swapping drives. The old drive when done you can wipe and use as an external. You also backup online (if ps plus..which more than pays for itself).
Yes, the PlayStation 4 Supports External Storage, but There’s a Catch

"It was probably a given, but we now know that while the PlayStation 4 supports external storage (like the PlayStation 3 before it), we won’t be able to use that storage to play downloaded games. Thank Sony games honcho Shuhei Yoshida — one of those rare corporate divisional presidents who spends a pile of time fielding questions on Twitter, pretty much daily – for confirming as much last week."
Thank common sense... pkaying games from external actual disrupts game performance. Also, not allowing executable game files to an external helps fend off hacking of the game itself... again, something rampant on msft's platform despite it having the least amount of users of all platforms.

PC gamers know better than to play their top titles from an external drive...
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