Apr 23, 2014

How secure is the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5?

When the iPhone 5S came out, I remember reading about the fingerprint scanner being relatively easy to defeat. Does anyone know if the fingerprint scanner in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is comparable to using a PIN, or is it more of “casual” security feature that is there mainly because Apple made one first?


The apple scanner was hacked too, just so the conversation isn't one sided. And it was done the same way the s5's was hacked.  ;)






I would stick with a PIN or pattern lock to secure your phone. Is fingerprint lock going to be sufficient most of the time? Yes. Is a fingerprint lock as secure as a strong PIN or complex pattern lock? No. In fact, people have figured out how to hack the S5’s fingerprint lock and it isn’t even available in the US yet. It’s kind of a neat feature despite that, but I do think the main reason it is on the S5 is because Apple put one on the iPhone 5S. 

Samsung Galaxy S5's Fingerprint Scanner Hacked

"The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn't been on sale for a week, and already a German security firm has hacked its fingerprint reader. The Berlin-based firm, called SRLabs, employed the exact same trick used to hack the iPhone 5's own fingerprint reader.

The hack only needs a cameraphone photo of the fingerprint of the S5 owner, a printer, and a type of liquid rubber. SRLabs' researchers merely inverted the photo's colors, then printed out the photo using a thick toner setting, so fingerprint's indentations would appear as thick black lines. "
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