Apr 21, 2014

What is “thrashing” on a Windows PC?

I was looking at an error log on a Windows 7 PC, and one of the notes was that “video memory resources are overutilized, thrashing happening as a result.” What does thrashing mean in this context?

How To: Detect what process is thrashing your hard drive

"Every once in a while you notice that your hard drive is working extra hard for what seems like no reason. A background process has taken your hard drive hostage, forcing it to thrash loudly as it struggles to keep up with the high rate of reads and writes. Your computer responds slowly as the process overloads the physical limitations of your drive. What are you to do?

The solution is simple, although a little tricky at times: identify and stop the process that is killing your drive. There are two methods and tools that you can use to identify the process."

Thrashing usually means that you are out or nearly out of RAM and there are a lot of page swaps happening, so your HDD will be in near constant use. I would not be concerned about it if it happens a few times a day on an error log and you don’t notice any problems; it’s probably happening when your PC is coming out of sleep or hibernation. If you are having ongoing issues, you may need additional physical memory.

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