Apr 19, 2014

Can I redirect an iPad microphone to be used in a MS cloud?

I use iPads that run an app called pocket cloud to connect to a windows server (2008r) where all business programs run. Can redirect the microphone or camera to be used in the cloud?

Hmmm, my first thought is that you can use an iPhone as an individual microphone with a PC. There are a couple apps, Megaphone and VonBruno Microphone Pro, which will allow this, just use a cable to connect to the earphone jack of the iPhone and the mic in on the PC. However, I don’t know of a way to directly stream the audio from an iPhone/iPad to your network to use with multiple applications. The closest I can come up with is Dragon Remote Microphone which you can use with Dragon Premium Edition for PC, which would allow you to use the mic on the iPad to dictate and modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations, which could of course be stored in the cloud. Sorry, wish I could be of greater help. 

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