Apr 18, 2014

What’s does Microsoft Word for Chromebooks add to the web based Office Online?

I was a little surprised to see Microsoft Word on the Chrome Web Store. Since Office Online is already cloud based, and Word on Chrome will be cloud based, are these actually different apps or is the app on the Web Store essentially a link to what already exists?

After taking the iPad by storm, Microsoft Office fizzles on Chromebooks

"Microsoft’s move to launch Office Online apps in the Chrome Web Store created zero ripples. Chrome users appear hopelessly disinterested. Despite the launch-time press, the Web Store’s public stats show that Word Online has 22,000 users, while PowerPoint and Excel have only 11,000 and 13,000 users respectively.

Compare that to Microsoft OneDrive’s 796,574 users and you can come to one of two conclusions: Either Microsoft Office users don’t care about Chrome, or Chromebook users don’t think much of Office."

The apps are completely unnecessary. Office online could already run within the Chrome browser, and a bookmark would do the same thing. I think the real reason for it is to act as a billboard for Office, and make it obvious to people that you can use a version of Office on a Chromebook.

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