Apr 11, 2014

What is a nandroid backup?

I see nandroid backup mentioned when people talk about rooting their Android phones. What is this, and how does it work?

Nandroid is a play on words referring to the NAND flash memory that'sused on these phones. This is a simple backup that makes a snapshot or image of your running adroid operating system, along with yourdata and settings taken from the phones NAND memory.
It is an excellent tool if you are just like me (a flash-o-holic) to flash ROM’s on your device and yourun into trouble. If you encounter any problems working in the kitchen or using your phone after the Nandroid backup, you can always go back to this point that you backed up where everything was working fine. Else you you would be having a very costly Paper weight.
A Nandroid restore will bring you back to the state your phone was in atthe time you made the backup. It is important to note that a Nandroid backup does not backup/restoreyour kernel or modem/radio, so it’s important to be aware that you may have to flash a compatiblemodem/radio and kernel to restore full functionality to your device.
What Is A Nandroid Backup and How Exactly Does It Work?

"Nandroid, sometimes written as NANDroid, is a portmanteau for NAND flash memory, the type of permanent storage memory that your device uses, and Android. A Nandroid backup is a de-facto (by the hacking community) standard directory structure for backing up a perfect mirror image of your Android device. By doing this backup, you can save literally everything, from your own personal data to the system files.

Don’t believe me that it saves everything? It includes:

The operating system itself (so you can make a copy of your stock or custom ROM and return to it if desired)
All apps (including those you installed yourself or that came with the device)
All games and your progress in them
All pictures
All music
All videos
All text and picture messages
All wallpapers
All widgets
All ringtones
All login and account settings
All system settings
All stored passwords, including WiFi passwords

Yes, everything."

A nandroid backup is just a full backup of an Android device’s flash memory, so you can revert to that state should something go amiss. You have to root your device and install a custom recovery to perform a nandroid backup, but it is one of the fundamental steps of rooting and flashing custom ROMs.   



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