Apr 08, 2014

How to clone PC’s hard drive?

What do I need to do to clone the hard drive in my Windows 7 PC? It’s started making funny (not haha) noises of the sort that HDDs make just before they fail. I want to just swap out the drive I have for another HDD, I don’t need to make the switch to SSD with this machine. What software works well for cloning a drive, free is prefered but I can pay if it’s worth it.

I've used EaseUS ToDo Backup since 2008 (free ware version)
and love it - for a complete clone i select "sector by sector" and have simply swapped the target HDD or SSD into the computer, but it will also let you make a boot disc to clone back to the original OS drive. Recommend it to you :http://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm
Now get your Uber X clone scripts for any kind of your business services from mowares.
Backing up your entire drive: Cloning vs. imaging

"When you clone a drive, you copy everything on it onto another drive, so that the two are effectively identical. Normally, you would clone to an internal drive made external via a SATA/USB adapter or enclosure.

But imaging a drive is more like creating a great big .zip file (without the .zip extension). Image backup software copies everything on the drive into a single, compressed, but still very large file. You would probably save the image onto an external hard drive.

So what are the advantages of each? "

The easiest way is to use cloning software, of which there are many options. I like Clonezilla and DriveImage XML, both of which are available for free. 


Here is a pretty comprehensive YouTube video that walks you through the cloning process. The guy making the video used EaseUS ToDo Backup free, which I’ve never used, but the process is pretty much the same with other software.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swGNP0wJBV8

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