Apr 06, 2014

I'm considering to change my career

Hi All,


I would like to change my career from PR media to IT. I have a total of 3 years experience in the Public relation. Is there any way to change in to software field? I completed bachelor degree in computer engineering. I'm very much interested to move to IT field.



I'd check Dice.com, Simply Hired and other sites with IT job listings. Find the jobs you are interested in and then note the requirements for the job. From there you can figure out what you need to study and do to attain those jobs.

The lack of relevant work experience coupled with three years passing since you finished school, apparently with no IT related job responsibilities in light of your PR job….well, that’s going to be add a bit more challenge for you. Did you gain relevant experience in software development, for example, an internship while completing your coursework? If so emphasize that. Does your alma mater have a career development center? If so, contact them for some free assistance. 


I think that you are probably going to need to do some continuing education and/or get some certs to make you more attractive to potential employers. Of course, if you really have the skills already and drive to make it happen you can always strike out on your own, but to be fair that is a challenging career path. Doesn’t mean that you couldn’t succeed though, lot's of people do. Good luck!


Thank you Brown. Meanwhile I have completed some technical courses like .net and Java. Will they consider me as a fresher or experienced one?

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