Apr 03, 2014

How to participate in a Google Hangouts video conference without a Google+ account?

A number of friends I went to college with have been using Google Hangouts for weekly video conferencing calls to keep in touch. Another friend wants to join us, but refuses to set up a Google+ account because he says he doesn’t want Google listening to everything he says. Assuming we can’t get him to remove his tinfoil hat, is there a way he can participate in a Google Hangout video conference without a Google+ account?

Becker seems to have the best answer for this already.

You friend should be able to participate using UberConference, which has added Google Hangouts integration. Of course, this means he will need to set up an UberConference account, so if he also doesn’t trust them, he may just have to start writing you all letters. Here is a link to the page that tells more about how it works and what he will need to do. Good luck!

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