Mar 31, 2014

Does the new HTC One's (M8) aluminum body negatively impact WiFi or cellular reception?

The new version of the HTC One looks beautiful, but it is 90% brushed aluminium. This does look great, but I recall Apple had reception problems when they first made an aluminum version of iPhone. Does the aluminum HTC One have any known reception issues due to its materials?

I've read some reviews of the M8, along with a fair sampling of reader comments and I haven't see anybody complain of this. I suppose it could be a possibility though, we'll know soon enough if it's a problem. People don't generally keep quiet about this sort of issue, as Apple knows quite well. ;)
90% aluminium means 10% not aluminum. The very top is not aluminum (nor are the glass bits obviously). I am not certain, but I suspect the antennas for WiFi and cellular make use of the plastic part at the top of the phone for a stronger signal. HTC has made aluminum Android phones for years now, and are very good at it. I owned one myself (although not the One model) and reception was good. I’ve read a few articles about the M8, and none of them mentioned signal strength issues, so I wouldn’t worry about it.
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