Mar 27, 2014

How to make sure all private data is erased from iPhone before selling it?

I've gotta sell my iPhone to a stranger next month, so I deleted all my data. But I am really afraid that he can find back my files,photos and private data. What should I do?


Just follow this quick guide to erase iPhone personal data:

Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. Do that about 3 times. Then put it into DFU mode and restore if you're still worried. It may be recoverable by some iPhone data recovery software like Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery 

How to wipe all the personal data from an iPhone or iPad: Delete everything from an iOS 7 device

"When selling an iPhone or iPad, it's absolutely vital that you delete all the sensitive data stored on it. If not, an unscrupulous buyer could gain access to your social media profiles, your financial information and even your personal photos and videos, enabling them to browse through your private moments or steal your identity.

Luckily it's very easy to completely wipe an iPad or iPhone. Simply follow the steps in this tutorial and your data security will be assured. (We're using iOS 7, but the process is virtually identical in iOS 6 and earlier. It just looks slightly different.)"

There is no need to waste your money on third party software, just go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>RESET and then select Erase All Content and Settings. Here are Apple’s instructions on “What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.” 



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