Mar 26, 2014

Where does “Atom feed” Google account activity originate?

I checked my Google account activity using the link at the bottom right of Gmail (saw this on an ITworld question last week, incidentally), and under “access type” there are a number of times that “Atom feed” accessed my account. I was freaked out for a second, but then I noticed the IP address for Atom feed was the same as mine. So assume that it isn't some old thriller movie cliche about them being inside of my house, what is Atom feed and how is it accessing my Google/Gmail account?

About Atom

"Atom is a system which makes it easy for you to receive, in one place, regular updates from news websites, blogs, and/or Gmail. You can use Atom with an aggregator (also known as a newsreader, feed reader, or RSS/Atom reader) to receive new message alerts."

It’s probably an extension or app either in your browser or, if you have one, your Android phone/tablet. If you have been monitoring your account activity and this is the first time you have seen it, I would check the permissions of any apps or extensions that you have recently installed. I’m not certain, but there was a recent update to the Google Keyboard for Android devices that looks at your Google activity to refine text prediction. There is a chance that is what you are seeing.

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