Mar 26, 2014

What are some good indie games for the PS3?

I used to play a lot of video games back in high school and college, and now that I have a kid I’d like for them to experience that there is more to gaming than first person shooters, which is all he seems to play. I introduced him to Flower, which he actually liked, but that’s not really a true “indie game” since it was developed by Sony Santa Monica Studios. What would be some good choices to show him the more thoughtful, artistic side of gaming?

Top Playstation 3 Indie Games

"The launch of the Playstation 4 is just around the corner and with it, a slew of new, intriguing, and highly addictive indie games are on their way. With Sony’s initiative to bring more indie games to the Playstation 4 console I decided to list, in no particular order, some of the best indie games on the Playstation 3. Some of these may be exclusive to the PS3, some may not, but they all should be looked at, at some point if you’re a fan of indies or a gamer that is in need of something new and exciting. This list will also help you find a game you may have over looked."

Braid is a classic indie game, and Fez just came out on PS3. Both are really good, and you can download both from the Playstation Network. Bit.Trip.Runner is a fun game made by only three guys. Retro City Rampage is pretty good, but it helps if you have a knowledge of the 80s and the NES days. Journey, which was developed by the same studio as Flower, is a masterpiece. If you really want to experience something more on the artistic side of gaming, Protea is interesting, but it’s more of an experience than a game. Don’t count out all of the AAA releases either. The Bioshock trilogy are shooters, but they are “thinking man” shooters, with a world based on Randian Objectivism. I highly recommend all of them.

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