Mar 25, 2014

How to automatically disable Android lock screen when at home?

Is there a way to have a lock screen on my Android phone, but make it so I don’t have to use it when I am in a trusted location, such as my living room? I don’t want to leave my phone unlocked, but it’s one of those minor annoyances in life to have to unlock it when I just want to sent a quick SMS from my couch. I know that I can go into settings and manually disable it, but the likely result of that is that I forget to turn the screen lock back on.
I am currently using a free app called Zwypelock which unlocks your phone when connected to trusted zones. The features are really great..its worth trying
How to automatically disable Android’s security lock screen when connected to your home Wi-Fi, Bluetooth device or by location

"Your phone has a lot of personal information on it, and that is why I always recommend that you apply a security lock screen such as a PIN or pattern. Unfortunately, that extra step of security can be a royal pain in the you know what. The problem is that the majority of time your phone or tablet is in a safe environment such as your home, car, a friend’s house, or workplace. Constantly entering a code or swiping a pattern is annoying during those “safe” times. It is the single biggest reason why so many people don’t utilize a security lock screen, and instead, hope their phone never gets lost or stolen. If there was a way to automatically disable the security lock screen when you are in those trusted zones, and automatically re-enable it when you’re at the mall, a restaurant, or anywhere else untrusted, you might go back to securing your phone like you should.

Well there is a way, and it’s not complicated at all. The immediate assumption is I’m going to recommend Tasker, but unfortunately, I could never get it to work after Android 4.0, nor could most other people. Even if it does work, Tasker is too complicated for the average person. You want simple right? Hit the break to get started."
There are a few different apps that I’ve tried. I believe that they all use the WiFi network that you are connected to in order to determine whether it is “safe” to disable the lock screen. So, essentially you flag your home and/or work WiFi so that whenever you are connected, the lock screen is turned off. On one phone, Unlock at Home worked great, but on another phone it was not reliable. The best app I’ve found is SkipLock, but after a free trial period, you have to purchase it for $4.99. That is a little steep for what seems like a simple app, but on the other hand it works and saves a lot of unnecessary unlock screens. Honestly, I would try the free Unlock at Home app first, and if you aren’t happy with that, try SkipLock. Both of these are on Google Play.
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