Mar 22, 2014

Can a country successfully block a website the way Turkey is trying to do with Twitter?

When a country decides to block an individual website, can they actually accomplish their goal? I’m curious how effective Turkey’s attempt to block Twitter will actually be.


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Turkey Twitter ban is 'a losing battle', expert claims

"The Turkish government is "fighting a losing battle" in banning social media network Twitter, experts have said.

Locals continue to tweet via virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous web browser Tor and text messages, said security expert Rik Ferguson.

VPN Hotspot Shield reported a rise in iPhone and Android downloads of over 33,000% in the 24 hours after the ban.

The ban was enforced after allegations of government corruption were shared on the site and not removed by Twitter.

Twitter itself has not commented on the situation but it did post instructions in both English and Turkish explaining how to tweet via text message, which requires no internet access at all."

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It can be made less convenient, which will effectively block a certain percentage of casual users. Of course, there are ways around it. One of the most simple was pointed out by Twitter to its Turkish users - they could uses SMS messages to post to Twitter. Oops. Plus, there are always VPNs. Anyone with a modicum of technical knowledge and a small amount of motivation can get around the block. And should. Anytime a government tells people what they should not read, it’s time to put on the reading glasses.
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