Mar 21, 2014

Need to assign a flash drive a constant drive letter?

Is there a script or an auto run file that can be added to a flash drive so it will assign itself to drive "k" every time, on any PC?

Making a USB flash drive letter persistent

"In this situation it would help if it was possible to assign a flash drive a persistent drive letter. Can this be done? Yes! Plug in the flash drive you usually use to transfer scripts from your workstation to your test network. A window opens showing the contents of F: drive. Now open Computer Management, select Disk Management, right-click on F: drive (your flash drive) and change the drive letter to something like S: for scripts. Now whenever you plug this particular flash drive into your workstation, it opens a window for S: drive, and you'll say "S ... that's for Scripts yeah" and if make similar drive letter assignments for other flash drives, you'll be able to navigate your way around your Explorer windows, especially when you have more than one flash drive plugged in. Just don't try and do this with more than 26 flash drives! Well, 24 actually, since A and B are reserved for floppies. Or 23 since C: is your system drive. Or maybe 22 if you have a DVD-ROM drive. Anyways, you get the idea. "
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