Mar 18, 2014

Do PS4 owners need to purchase a PlayStation Network membership to use the system online?

I was looking at both the PS4 and the XBox One, and it seems like the PS4 is the less expensive option, both initially ($400 vs. $500) and on a continuing basis because of the XBox One requirement to purchase a gold membership each year to use Netflix, Amazon Streaming Video, Hulu, play games online, etc. However, my neighbor that bought an XBox One said that you also have to pay for a Playstation Network membership if you want to use PS4 online functions, so it is exactly the same. I’ve looked a little online and it is not clear - it looks to me like I can do things online with a PS4 for free, but it also looks like you do have to pay for some of the PS4’s online features. If anyone knows for sure, could they clarify this for me?

Ps4 is less then xboxone
Xbox stopped requiring a Gold membership to use apps like Netflix and youtube, etc a few years ago. You only need the membership to play the games online multiplayer.
Hey bro as you now know that its free to play online PERIOD.. Xbox just got wrecked lol
Hey JD,

Great question that many is simply partial to there own " ONLINE " style.

Xbox one is known to offer a range of multiplayer gaming at a cost slightly higher than PS4.

Xbox one requirea a fee to access Netflix, & internet gaming, etc. etc.

PS4 allows internet access without the initial monthly or yearly fees. Netflix & other month to month membership is allowed unlike Xbox one.
DDR5 memory in PS4 is also a factor as well as playing game disks on say your friends Xbox one.

Game disks can not be traded in Xbox one to another Xbox one, Owners are kinda bummed about this as well as the internet fees just to play online with friends.
PS4 is much cheaper to play online due to there simply not FORCED to pay to be online with there friends.
Xbox one is also not 1080p like PS4 already us with there DDR5 memory vs. Xbox one DDR4 slower memory.

Hope this is clearer to everyone!
xbox one uses ddr3
That's very wrong... Thought xbone does force you to pay for online, it is in 1080p. It would be sad if it wasnt. And you can definitely share game disks. Also, the xbone Is the same price as the ps4. (Though I am aware that at launch it was more expensive)
So you`re saying that you only pay once on an account on the PS4 to have online gaming access forever, unlike PlayStation Plus? Or do you have to pay for it each week or something? Thanks for making it clearer for me too, by the way. I`ve been looking a proper explanation EVERYWHERE.
@RetroGamer23467 It is an annual charge to play multiplayer online, and it actually is part a of PlayStation Plus membership. With a membership you get 2 free games monthly, and you get to play online. You can pay for shorter amounts of time instead of a year, but it's cheaper per month if you go ahead and pay for the year up front. Most free to play games (maybe all of them) don't require PS+ membership for online multiplayer, but for the vast majority of games you have to have the PS+ membership to play online.
But you are at risk of regular network crashes on ps4 aswell as having credit card info stolen meaning as they don't have proper security allso modders in online sessions can easily get away with what they are doing do to the lack of security meaning you pay for security and stability on Xbox
That is false. PSN is the account you need to play online for PS4. PSN accounts are completely free. PS+ is just an optional service that Sony offers which gives you discounts on their games.
You don't need to give your credit card info to Sony to play online. I didn't fill out the billing information part of my PSN account and I can play online all I want. If you are worried about your credit card info safety then just don't give it to them.
@Peanutsoup2 Sorry, but except for some FTP games you do need PS+ to play multiplayer online games on a PS4. There are a few other exceptions: Watch_Dogs let's you do online hacking without PS+ but you can't race online. FF IV doesn't require PS+ either. You can also usually play online betas without a PS+ membership, but most other games do require it.

Direct from Sony: "You need to be a member of PlayStation Plus or have a local user account on the subscriber’s ‘Primary PS4’ to play many games online."

I got the ps4 for Christmas and its cool depite the network being down but i have been play nextflx and the store with out a membership that's better than xbox for sure with my xbox i cant even do a system update with out a membership tho the kinetic has much better games
Yes you have to pay for the online. It is a pretty big ripoff in my opinion and it would be better if you stuck with the WiiU, as the online is free.
PS4 Online Multiplayer Requirements

"In almost all cases, a PlayStation Plus account is needed to play online multiplayer on the PS4™.

If a PS Plus member registers a PlayStation 4 as their "primary" system, anyone who uses that system has the ability to play online multiplayer, regardless of whether or not they are PS Plus members. Additionally, as many as four players can simultaneously play online on the same console, even if they don't subscribe to PlayStation Plus."

On the PS4 you do not need to pay anything extra to have online access, but you do need to pay for the Playstation Network Plus membership if you want to play multiplayer online. This may sound like a rip-off, but I have a PSN+ membership that I use with my PS3, and I get so many free games included with the membership that I can’t keep up. You will get at least one PS4 game free to download each month, maybe more, and they are good ones too. For the PS3, my free games for the past couple of months include Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, Remember Me, Borderlands 2, Brothers...and a few more. No additional charge. It’s a pretty sweet deal, even if you never play an online multiplayer game. But if you solely play single player games and really want to save the $50, you don’t have pay anything extra with the PS4.

What if I wan't to play online and I don't have the money to pay. Sounds like a rip off to me thank you very much. At least with the WiiU the online is free.
How can you compare a WiiU with a PS4? PS4 is probably 10 times as powerful, not even in the same league! You get what you pay for, It's £40 for a whole year of multi player online. Yes it was better when it was free but now it's not and the price isn't to bad.
wii u online is not free you have to pay 99 cents for a nintendo network account which is used to play online
I have a wii u and ps4. I dont pay anything with the wii u and you can't compare the two systems wii u might be free but there online multiplayer sucks compared to the ps3/4
Wiiu was created to capture an audience of children not concerned with high end 1080p visual "" LIFE LIKE '"" graphics which only the PS4 offers as a standard item to.to capture the real life like experience.
If I want to watch cartoons, turn on the cartoon network better known as "" WIIU "" 😃😃
Lol From my experience it is only children who care about the high end graphics. I mean seriously I can't even count how many times I have been called "xxxxxx" "xxx" and "Motherxxxxxr" by the * year old's who frequent your so called adult system XD. I own every single console form each major first party gaming company BTW I have no favourites as I don't concern myself with petty things such as graphics, It's all about the gameplay for me.
You are foolish this is 2015 there is no excuse for lack of graphics, gameplay or tech. If you expect less you are going to forever get less because the companies make so much money with little bad feedback. You should expect quality especially when you're buying an item such as a console. Feel free to live in the past and buy 8 bit oldies but your gameplay is everything attitude makes companies lazy.

Stand up and demand what you paid or waste your money on second rate items but keep your opinion about graphics to yourself. We don't need companies listening to that crap.
but though games you do not own they just allow you access to them until you run out of playstation plus so no i will never get ripped off by a sorry ass console company by pay a bs fee that should be illegal
Quit trolling on a PS4. Idiot, take your WiiU and go start a circle jerk with other idiots who cant get an adult to buy them a real console...
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