Mar 18, 2014

Do PS4 owners need to purchase a PlayStation Network membership to use the system online?

I was looking at both the PS4 and the XBox One, and it seems like the PS4 is the less expensive option, both initially ($400 vs. $500) and on a continuing basis because of the XBox One requirement to purchase a gold membership each year to use Netflix, Amazon Streaming Video, Hulu, play games online, etc. However, my neighbor that bought an XBox One said that you also have to pay for a Playstation Network membership if you want to use PS4 online functions, so it is exactly the same. I’ve looked a little online and it is not clear - it looks to me like I can do things online with a PS4 for free, but it also looks like you do have to pay for some of the PS4’s online features. If anyone knows for sure, could they clarify this for me?

I got the ps4 for Christmas and its cool depite the network being down but i have been play nextflx and the store with out a membership that's better than xbox for sure with my xbox i cant even do a system update with out a membership tho the kinetic has much better games
Yes you have to pay for the online. It is a pretty big ripoff in my opinion and it would be better if you stuck with the WiiU, as the online is free.
PS4 Online Multiplayer Requirements

"In almost all cases, a PlayStation Plus account is needed to play online multiplayer on the PS4™.

If a PS Plus member registers a PlayStation 4 as their "primary" system, anyone who uses that system has the ability to play online multiplayer, regardless of whether or not they are PS Plus members. Additionally, as many as four players can simultaneously play online on the same console, even if they don't subscribe to PlayStation Plus."

On the PS4 you do not need to pay anything extra to have online access, but you do need to pay for the Playstation Network Plus membership if you want to play multiplayer online. This may sound like a rip-off, but I have a PSN+ membership that I use with my PS3, and I get so many free games included with the membership that I can’t keep up. You will get at least one PS4 game free to download each month, maybe more, and they are good ones too. For the PS3, my free games for the past couple of months include Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, Remember Me, Borderlands 2, Brothers...and a few more. No additional charge. It’s a pretty sweet deal, even if you never play an online multiplayer game. But if you solely play single player games and really want to save the $50, you don’t have pay anything extra with the PS4.

What if I wan't to play online and I don't have the money to pay. Sounds like a rip off to me thank you very much. At least with the WiiU the online is free.
How can you compare a WiiU with a PS4? PS4 is probably 10 times as powerful, not even in the same league! You get what you pay for, It's £40 for a whole year of multi player online. Yes it was better when it was free but now it's not and the price isn't to bad.
wii u online is not free you have to pay 99 cents for a nintendo network account which is used to play online
I have a wii u and ps4. I dont pay anything with the wii u and you can't compare the two systems wii u might be free but there online multiplayer sucks compared to the ps3/4
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