Mar 17, 2014

Does iOS 7 run ok on an iPhone 4?

I cracked the screen on my current iPhone, but I have an old iPhone 4 still sitting in a drawer somewhere that I can use for a while. Has anyone upgraded an iPhone 4 to iOS 7, and if so, did it function ok? The reason I ask is that I had an iPhone 3GS that I upgraded to iOS 6, and it really wasn’t much of an upgrade - features were missing and it seemed to me to run less smoothly than it had before I upgraded. But how about iOS 7 on an iPhone 4?

i think it's ok, you should try it on your iphone, you will know whether it is ok or not. my iphone can be ok when run iOS 7.
I've read in various forums that it seems to run okay, better if it's iOS 7.1. However, there's no real way to know if it will be good enough for you unless you try it. It may be fine, and it may not. A lot depends on your own needs and expectations.

You are in luck because of the 7.1 update, which will work better for you than iOS 7. As GorgeRang pointed out,  iOS 7 didn’t seem to play that well with the iPhone 4. If you want to experience apps crashing on a slow iPhone, try iOS7 on an iPhone 4.  With iOS 7.1, an iPhone 4 should run smoother, load apps a little more quickly, and experience fewer hangs/crashes. It’s an improvement. It is also probably the final version of iOS that iPhone 4 users will get. I would not expect to see iOS 8 on an iPhone 4. 


iOS 7 could work on iPhone 4 as Apple claimed but it is not as fast as iOS 6. I think you should be aware of this.

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