Mar 16, 2014

Are there significant differences in user experience between Office and Office 365?

I understand that Office 2013 is a traditional desktop application and Office 365 is a cloud based offering, so that’s not really my question. My question is more IS there a real difference between the cloud and desktop versions? Will I suffer for choosing cloud-based 365? If I am doing the same work, which in my case primarily consists of word processing and spreadsheets, would it make any difference which I am using? Any real advantages to one versus the other?

Why Office 365 is a better Office

"Ask people what Office 365 is and you'll get various (and most likely incorrect) responses. One of the reasons for the confusion is that Office 365 today is not what it was at release. Office 365 has multiple sides to it, and "your" Office 365 depends on your needs and the plan you choose. Knowing your options is essential to make wise choices for your environment."

There is a different pricing structure, but functionally there isn't a lot of difference. In a recent pcworld article, they compared it to a rent vs. own model, and it makes sense to me to think of the cloud-based offering as a rental, which also means recurring costs. With Office 2013, you buy it once (at a higher initial price) and use it indefinitely. Beyond that, there are no concerns about having an internet connection when you are using Office 2013, since it doesn’t depend on the cloud. To be honest, I’m not sure what off-line capabilities Office 365 has, so it may still be partially functional without an internet connection. 



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