Mar 14, 2014

How to recover network key on Linksys Wireless G Router?

Does anyone have a good guide on how to recover the network key on a Linksys Wireless G Router?

open the browser

type the default ip address like and type the default user name password (admin) and noe you can go in wireless settings and there you can see the password. i hope this will fix your issue .. thanks
Dthomas has a good answer for this, but here's a link to the Linksys support site in case you have other issues or questions.


If you forgot/lost the admin password, I think that you are just to have to reset the router and set it up from scratch. Most, if not all, Linksys routers have a recessed button that you have to push with a paperclip to do a hard reset. I assume that you know how to handle it from there, but if you need more help, here is a step by step guide:


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