Mar 13, 2014

How do long distance calls work with VoIP systems?

If I switch from a conventional telephone system to VoIP, will there still be additional charges for long distance calls, or is that different with VoIP because the call is going over the internet instead of a telephone exchange?

Typically there are add-ons that will allow for long distance international calls. Most VOIP providers will offer free domestic long distance, or Free Calls in USA and Canada. Usually when calling beyond those countries there may be additional fees but I've seen them much more affordable than a phone company rates. Check this site out: , if you are looking to learn more about VOIP systems, they are definitely worth the investment.
You should check with your VoIP provider to see if there are additional charges before making any changes. That's the only way to be sure you'll know how much it might cost you.

While VoIP may be using the internet to transmit voice data, when you try to call a PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network aka “normal” telephone service) number, the provider is going to have to connect with the telephone company. The VoIP carrier usually enters a fee agreement with the phone company, and then the VoIP provider rolls that into its monthly charges as a flat fee. It may depend on company, though, so you should clarify this early on when talking to a potential VoIP carrier.

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