Mar 08, 2014

How to remove Genieo from MacBook?

I let my mother used my MacBook, and now it has Genieo toolbar adware installed on it. Thanks, Mom. It’s made a mess of my Mac, and I certainly don’t want to use their retched search engine. How can I get rid of this?

Genieo is an adware virus that can pop up ads and in-texts, and various notes on the compromised browser. It is very tricky, so to remove it is a difficult task. Even you thought that you have removed it from your PC, its components can stay on your PC without notice, which can bring it back. Thus, to remove it completely, you should REMOVE all PC hidden files and look for suspicious files carefully and clean out all of them. Ooh, don't forget to have a full scan with your antivurs to make sure all suspicious files are cleaned. Have a look at this resource http://www.pccaretips.com/blog/category/adware which may assist you with some idea.
The genieo toolbar not only takes control of your browser but also replaces your browser homepage. I suggest that you reset your browser settings.

For Apple Safari:

1. Open your Safari web browser by clicking on the Safari icon in the dock.

2. Click on Safari in your Safari menu, located at the top of your screen.

3. A drop-down menu will now appear. Choose the option labeled Reset Safari....

4. A warning dialog will now appear detailing the items that will be removed.

5. Click the button on the dialog labeled Reset to complete the process.

6. Your Safari browser will now restart automatically.


Hi! So sorry to hear your Mac is messed up by a malicious browser hijacker. To completely get rid of Genieo Toolbar malware, you need to remove all its software, add-ons and files. But you should know that this malware can change its files and location in the system. As it can bypass the detection and deletion of antivirus, I recommend that you remove Genieo Toolbar manually.

Good luck!

How to Delete Genieo

"Genieo is a search engine program that will change your personal and default browser settings upon installation. Genieo is not usually considered a virus or malware program (although seventeen security solutions list the Mac version as adware), but uses the keywords you enter into the Genieo search engine to generate an excessive number of sponsored links and ads mixed in with your search results. Follow the steps outlined in this article to delete the Genieo search program from your computer and all installed browsers."

As gbcorb said, don’t use their uninstaller! It’s a pain to get rid of Genieo, but you definitely don’t want to leave that malware on your MacBook. The Safe Mac website that was mentioned has a very thorough guide to remove Genieo. Follow the directions carefully, and you should be able to rid yourself of it.


Definitely don't use the genieo adware or installmac uninstaller, it will leave active software behind.


Backup first, then carefully follow the steps at either of these links :


Adware Removal Guide : Genieo


You installed the "Genieo" search-hijacking rootkit.

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