Mar 07, 2014

How to respond to runtime error r6016?

I have suddenly started having error messages pop up telling me that there is “Runtime error R6016. Not enough space for runtime data.” What is causing this and what should I do? I am using a Compaq notebook with Windows 7.

C Run-Time Error R6016

"The program did not receive enough memory from the operating system to complete a _beginthread call.

When a new thread is started, the library must create an internal database for the thread. If the database cannot be expanded with memory provided by the operating system, the thread will not begin and the calling process will stop."

You didn’t mention when this is happening or what version of , but I’ve had it occur while using Chrome browser. I have simply shut down Chrome and restarted it, and had haven’t had any further problems beyond having it pop up one other time. Apparently Windows Media Player can also cause this to happen. One suggestion I’ve seen is to uninstall and reinstall Windows Media Player, but I haven’t tried this. Another suggestion was to install Temporary File Cleaner, which is also in haven’t personally tried it category. 

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