Mar 07, 2014

What are common mistakes that a SMB should avoid when setting up a wireless network?

When a small business is setting up a wireless network, what are some common mistakes to avoid?

6 mistakes to avoid when setting up your small business wireless network

"Mobile devices are now as essential to workplaces as copy machines and coffee makers. That means a fast, reliable wireless network is essential as well. But building one isn’t as simple as plugging in your ISP-supplied router and connecting your smartphone. In fact if you’ve never done it before, putting together a Wi-Fi network robust enough to support your business can be pretty tricky. To shorten the learning curve, we’ve highlighted some common pitfalls and how to avoid them. "

One common mistake I’ve seen is the use of a cheap, consumer grade router that isn’t suited for commercial use. They often can’t support heavy network traffic and may result in a slow network.  

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