Mar 06, 2014

What is a good, inexpensive unified videoconferencing system for a small business?

We have two offices that need to videoconference about once a week, and limited needs beyond that although occasionally something does come up. We need something that has better audio and video quality than some kid skyping with his buddies, which, I have to say, is exactly where we are now - skype, off the shelf webcam and mics. That’s not good enough any longer. We were quoted around $4500 per office for a system from Polycon and around $7000 for one from Cisco. Both look like a great systems but are much more than we were looking to spend. Any good options out there for less?

Try Connex Intl...small business with high quality (dedicated teams) and low cost...
Google+ Hangouts might be worth considering.

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One new option that you might want to consider is Google’s new Chromebox for Meetings. It’s much less expensive than the options you mentioned, although to be fair, I haven’t personally used it so I can’t attest to how good it really it. Chromebox for Meetings would cost you $1000 for each location, so you would be looking at a significant cost difference. There was a blog post about it here on ITworld last month and there is also a white paper looking at the system that you might want to read.

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