Mar 05, 2014

How to get HBO Go to work with PS3?

I have never had any difficulty getting any video on demand service to work with my PS3, but the new HBO Go application is a “no go”. When I contacted Sony they asked why my ISP was, and when I told them Comcast, Sony advised me to contact Comcast. Well, Comcast customer service has a terrible reputation for a reason…terrible customer service. They told me there were technical issues, and with any new website all the “technical issues” needed to be worked out before Comcast customer could access them. What?!?! What technical issue prevents HBO from working over Comcast when I know for a fact HBO Go is working for other PS3 users? Is there anything I can do to resolve it?

Comcast isn't letting customers watch HBO Go on PlayStation 3

"Sony finally filled a major hole in its video app lineup yesterday with the introduction of HBO Go for PlayStation 3. Once installed, the app allows most cable customers to stream their favorite HBO shows and a wide selection of movies. We say most because there's one major provider that isn't yet on board with HBO Go for PlayStation, and that's Comcast. Comcast subscribers are currently unable to stream any content using the app. The company's absence is especially glaring since most other cable companies have signed on — including Time Warner Cable, which Comcast hopes to buy if all goes according to plan."

Yeah, well….Comcast’s “technical issue” is that HBO and/or Sony “technically” haven’t paid Comcast enough additional money to let you use the internet you already pay for to watch HBO Go. So they are blocking it. Essentially, Comcast is using what are essentially extortion techniques to milk more money out of everyone. This is an immediate and direct result of the end of Net Neutrality.


Here is what you can do: Call your Senators and Congressman. Tell them what is happening because of the lack of net neutrality. Tell them you oppose the merger of Time-Warner and Comcast, because this behavior clearly demonstrates that the merger will be contrary to public interests. Make your voice heard. If you have an alternative (which many prople do not, unfortunately) switch ISPs. I don’t exactly love my ISP, but in AT&T’s defense, I can access functional websites and online services without any issues.

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