Mar 05, 2014

Best Dropbox-compatible office suite for iOS

What's the best app for editing Word and Excel files on your iPhone or iPad? I need Dropbox compatibility, so iWork is out. Used to love QuickOffice Pro but Google gutted it. Been using DocumentsToGo but it's ugly and clunky. Any advice appreciated!
Some of these might work well.

Compatibility-Focused Office Suites for iOS

"The simpler the program, the more compatible it tends to be.

Think of it like a conversation being translated between two different languages(in this analogy, the operating systems, such as iOS for iPad or iPhone versus Windows for PC). Even if you have a strong interpreter, for the sake of efficiency, they may tend to relay the message as simply as possible.

That interpreter's message is similar to an office suite app. That app software needs to be understood in very different environments.

This is why the current tradeoff for iOS office suites is compatibility vs. complexity."

You could give Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite). It’s not the “fanciest” office suite, but it is Dropbox compatible and covers the basics. Plus, as the name suggests, it’s free, so you don’t have anything to lose if you give it a try. The only potential issue is that while I know you can use Word or Excel to open documents created in, er, Documents, but I am not 100% certain that you can edit existing Word or Excel files in the app.


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