Jul 12, 2011

What makes Google+ so special?

I've been on a bunch of different social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, LinkedIn, Orkut, Buzz. What makes Google+ so special? Why would it be useful besides as a study of how Google dumps a lot of money into ventures that don't pan out? Buzz was especially awful.

Hi pwarren,

Google+ has Circles and Hangouts that set it apart from Facebook (or at least used to, Facebook may have copied those features by now). I think being able to segment your friends and family into Circles was really a game changer in social media. Facebook never made it easy to share certain things with only certain people.

I don't think Buzz and G+ are in the same league. G+ is a much better product, and it's a lot easier to understand and use than Buzz. Google also was very careful to handle privacy a lot more carefully, and to make G+ privacy controls much easier to use and manage.

Google+ is the new shine of social network. It is more attractive, classical, nice in every sense and loving to you. Google's all products are very nice and google+ is also one of them.


It will beet soon all other social network sites.


Facebook's metaphor is the high school yearbook, where you post photos and comments about yourself and your friends. It is not well suited to dividing up who you know and who is allowed to see what -- far too many stories abound of Facebook users losing their jobs because of comments that they posted for the general public to see.


The Google+ metaphor is similar to a Venn diagram of who you know, how they fit into your life, and can help you to keep different conversations private from different groups of users. Circles of friends may not necessarily be welcome mixtures amongst your circles of work acquaintances.


Google+ also provides a mechanism for communicating with them in REAL TIME. Whereas with Facebook you have discussions, in Google+ you can create ad-hoc video conferences with several people at once. Apparently that's something that Facebook is hoping to address by adding Skype support. I haven't tried Skype on Facebook but I'm looking forward to that.

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