Mar 04, 2014

Will incorporation of iOS, Android, Windows, and now BlackBerry lock people to individual car brands?

Apple has announced iPhone integration with Mercedes, Volvo and Ferrari, while Google has Android partnerships with Audi, Honda, GM and Hyundai. Microsoft had been teamed up with Ford, but that wasn’t working out so well for Ford so they are switching to a BlackBerry system (there is an ITworld article about this). I’m all for “the internet of things,” but I’m a little concerned that this will result in getting locked into an ecosystem, whether it is Apple, Google, Microsoft or BlackBerry. It is a royal pain to switch from Android to iPhone to Windows Phone, and once you start with one ecosystem, it is much easier to just stick with it. While I wouldn’t really mind if I had to only drive Ferraris, I’m not otherwise certain I want to ally my car with my mobile OS. Am I off base here, or has your next car’s OS become a serious issue to consider?

For me, no. I would buy the vehicle I wanted or needed, regardless of the operating system included with it. If you really need to you can just use your phone or tablet with any vehicle via USB or bluetooth. It might not look as good or be as convenient as having it built-in, but it will still work.
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