Mar 03, 2014

How to restore an accidentally closed tab with Chrome Browser?

This has happened to me all too often. I suppose it is one of the side effects of having a zillion tabs open at one time, but it drives me crazy when I go to close on tab, and accidentally close the one next to it. Usually I have no idea what the site was (another side effect of the zillion tabs thing), but I wouldn’t have opened it without a reason, and sometimes it is a source of information that I cannot easily find again.


In your specific case - if you catch it as you did it - you can right-click on a tab and the drop down list will have an entry to reopen a closed tab (one just closed). If you have closed more than one tab, it will open the last tab closed. Repeat it and it will open the next one closed - "last-in, first-out" order. I did check my Chrome browser to see if I had any extensions for this this (just in case) and did not. From Chrome Help: http://chrome.blogspot.com/2010/02/tip-recovering-closed-tabs.html

Try the history list, it'll probably be listed there and you can just click it to open it again.

Go to the little inverted triangle shape at the top left, beside the first tab. Left click on the inverted triangle, and about the 7th option from the top will be “reopen closed tab.” Ctrl+Shift+T will also work. 


You can also go to the drop-down menu on the far right of the window, left click it, then scroll down to “Recent Tabs.” If you hover on that, it should show a list of recently closed tabs.

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