Feb 28, 2014

What were the greatest hits of Mobile World Conference in Barcelona?

The 2014 MWC has wrapped up in Barcelona, after introducing many interesting and not so interesting ideas and products, some of which are already in production, and some which will never see the light of day. What were the most important and interesting concepts/products that are likely to actually become reality?

The hottest gadgets at world's biggest mobile tech show

"Mobile World Congress returned to form this year, with Samsung, Sony, and Huawei all choosing to launch flagship devices in Barcelona. These are my picks from the show:

Nokia X
Samsung Galaxy S5
Sony Xperia Z2
Huawei MediaPad X1"

YotaPhone is the most interestion actual product for me. It is a Russian developed smartphone that has two screens - one on the front and one on the back of the device. It will offer very long battery life when using electophoretic display, which is also much easier to read in direct light than a LED display. Essentially, it is an e-ink/e-reader and smartphone combined in a single device. I hope it comes to the US, I would seriously consider one, assuming the rest of the hardware and software are up to snuff. However, as a consequence of Russia’s invasion of Crimea, there is a possibility that the YotaPhone will not make it to the West due to economic sanctions.


There really weren't any, at least according to the Wall Street Journal:


"Innovation has been hard to come by in Barcelona this year. At over one million square feet, Mobile World Congress is the mobile industry's biggest yearly conference. But this year's show offered another cascade of glass-slab devices that varied in size and, maybe, color.


"That stagnation reflects a broader shift in the mobile business, as the smartphone revolution nears the end of its first wave, with penetration beginning to plateau in developed countries."


One venture capitalist told the WSJ that at this year's Mobile World Congress, "innovation means having a phone that is a millimeter smallere than last year's."

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