Feb 28, 2014

Will Nintendo’s decision to shut down Wii servers affect Netflix and Hulu services on the system?

My family’s Wii served a long and noble role as a gaming system for years, but now it is mostly used for streaming Netflix, Hulu and occasionally YouTube. Nintendo has announced it is shutting down online services for the Wii in a couple of months, so there will be no more Mario Kart Wii online matches, sadly. Will it still work as an streaming media center though? It has been great for that, and I really don’t want to buy a Roku or another system just for the rec room, where the Wii is still soldiering on.

If you're looking for a replacement that can stream Netflix, YouTube and Hulu then you might want to try the Apple TV.

You're welcome to buy it for me

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube aren’t dependant on Nintendo’s servers, and won’t be affected.  You are right in that you won’t be able to play any more Mario Kart Wii online, which is too bad, since that was really one of the few examples of online play done really well on the Wii.  


It’s funny that you posted this yesterday, because when I woke up this morning and went downstairs, the first thing I saw was our Wii flashing a blue notification light, something that used to happen all the time. This was the first time in a year or so I can recall getting a message sent to the Wii, I had almost forgotten it did that. Anyway, it confirmed that video on demand and Wii Shop channel will not be affected, but pretty much all other services will shutdown on May 20, 2014.


I’ve probably gotten more enjoyment from my Wii than any other system since I was a kid with an Atari 2600. It helped that I had a kid of my own during the Wii years, because as fond as I am of my PS3, there are only a handful of good games that are appropriate for children on the Sony system. It’s also easy to forget how revolutionary the Wii’s motion controls were when it was first released. Some core gamers look down on the Wii as being a “kiddie system” but I have systems from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft sitting side by side in my entertainment center, and I’m not ready to put the Wii away even after all these years when there are still Super Smash Brothers Brawls, and Mario Kart and Motoheroz races to be had with friends.

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