Feb 27, 2014

Why did Samsung choose Tizen OS for its new Gear series of smartwatches?

Samsung is the largest manufacturer in the world of devices using Android, the most popular mobile OS in the world. Yet they chose Tizen OS for their three new Gear devices, Gear Fit, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo. Why would they choose Tizen over Android?

samsung has basically come with tizen just to break way Google's android and Apple's iOS.since google has full control over android.. ,samsung is supporting Tizen... samsung launched the first smartphone on Tizen ... its on a linux project..
it is just to flip over the ongoing trend of Android as it covers the most users ..
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So far Samsung has been faster, more nimble, more aggressive and more creative than Google in its development of Tizen.Compared to Android on smartphones, Tizen is a very poor cousin. But as far as the brief existence of smartwatches goes, Tizen is something of a godfather.
Tizen’s already strides ahead, in terms of smartwatch experience, of Android Wear and it’s also gathered a pretty decent developer community and app support and Samsung announced at IFA 2014 that Tizen has passed the 1,000 app mark. That's a milestone only reached by Pebble earlier in the year.For more details about gear watched you can visit Samsung India site
I suspect that Samsung is frustrated with Android, since Google has so much control over it. Tizen will give Samsung their own operating system, the gear devices are just the first rollout of Tizen. I imagine we'll see it on other Samsung devices in the near future.

I don’t believe this is a significant shift away from Android for Samsung. They have made no secret that they have been developing Tizen for some time now, yet there appears to be a strong ongoing relationship with Google. 


The most likely reason for going with Tizen on the Gear series is simply that Android doesn’t work that well on low powered devices. Tizen apparently is somewhat more efficient with resources, so it made sense to go with it in order to have wearable tech that works more smoothly that it would with Android. Plus Tizen and Android are closely related, so it wasn’t a stretch for Samsung.     

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