Feb 27, 2014

How and when to use mosquito noise reduction?

I know that a lot of video noise reduction settings end up making video looks soft and blurry, but I had never even heard of mosquito noise reduction until I was poking around the video settings on a PS3. The name suggests that it stops little bugs from flying around your screen, but obviously that’s not it. I tried it turned off and on each of the three settings, but I really didn’t notice much if any difference one way or the other. I’m hooked up to an LG 1080p display. What does it actually reduce, and how do you determine whether using it will improve your video quality?

PS3 Mosquito Noise Reduction

"Mosquito Noise Reduction* option is available for the PlayStation 3 system. This option lets you reduce the so-called "mosquito noise", or flicker, that appears on the edge of visual images while watching standard DVDs.

In addition to standard DVDs, you can use this noise-reduction feature on some Blu-ray Discs. However, you cannot use it on video content recorded in the BDMV format on commercially available BD-ROM media, which includes most videos in Blu-ray Disc format that are on the market."


This setting only has an effect while watching a DVD (or a BR disc I suppose). Mosquito noise reduction was created for digital TV recordings, and helps reduce flicker that is generally caused by compression artifacts, but I think it is inevitable that it will blur the image slightly. You will probably only notice a difference when watching an old, poor transfer quality DVD.  

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