Feb 25, 2014

SanDisk announced a 128GB microSD card - what devices can use it?

SanDisk has released a 128GB microSD card, which is pretty impressive to me since I can remember when there were 128MB cards. My concern is what can use them? Both my tablet and phone say they will support up to 64GB microSD cards - am I out of luck or can I still use the new 128GB cards? It would be pretty sweet to never have to worry about running out of storage.

As long as the device supports SDXC spec, it should work. I think that the manufacturer chose to say it support up to 64GB microSDs because that was the largest available at the time they wrote that, and thus the largest they could actually test. Anything 32GB or larger is SDXC, so if the device officially supports 32GB microSD, it should support larger microSDs as well. The only thing that could be an issue (that I can think of offhand) is if the file systems that the device supports is limited to FAT32 - that would still limit max file size to 4GB.
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