Feb 20, 2014

What do you think about a career in SQL?

I mean, i heard that SQL will be replaced by NOSQL, i am not sure about it, but i am starting my career in IT, so that i would like to know your professional opinion.
My goal is to get a secure career in IT.

You might want to browse some of the job sites like Simply Hired, Dice and Monster. See if SQL or NOSQL are listed in the job requirements for positions that interest you. That will give you a real world idea of where IT jobs are going, and you can then make your plans accordingly.

The jury is certainly still out as to whether NoSQL will replace SQL. SQL is without a doubt much more widely used than NoSQL at the moment. Will that change in the future? Perhaps, perhaps not. There is an argument that non-relational databases (NoSQL) are better suited to large companies/organizations. This is supported by Google and Amazon both moving away from relational systems. 


This isn’t my area of expertise, so I don’t have too much advice to offer. However, one thing to keep in mind is that many people who are working with NoSQL also have years of experience working with SQL, so there is some stiff competition there. Here is a link to an good discussion about SQL vs. NoSQL from a career standpoint. http://www.coderanch.com/t/600904/Jobs/careers/information-databases-car...


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