Feb 20, 2014

Who will manufacture Ubuntu phones?

From what I understand Ubuntu phones are supposed to be available at some point in 2014. Does anyone know anything about the companies that are going to manufacture them? Will they be available in the US?

Ubuntu Touch gets grip on its first phone makers

"Android rival Ubuntu Touch takes a step closer to reality today as the first manufacturers commit to making Ubuntu-powered phones.

The first mobile device manufacturers to greenlight Ubuntu phones are BQ in Spain and Meizu in China, who not only rhyme but also have plans for phones billed as "mid- to high-end" devices. They'll be on sale this year. "

Two companies have been announced: BQ, a Spanish manufacturer, and Meizi, a Chinese manufacturer. I know very little about either company. As far as I know, neither has ever offered their hardware for sale in the US. I could be wrong about that, but I’ve never seen anything to suggest otherwise.


The OS looks pretty slick. Here is a video that shows it in action. http://youtu.be/HhEuzX5LrFc

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