Feb 19, 2014

How to see WiFi password on mobile?

how to see wifi password in mobile

How to see a wifi password on a iPhone ?
I don't know how to see my wifi password
Asus zenphone android device
I'm pretty much quoting an earlier answer I gave here, but it is still valid. You didn't mention what type of device you are using, and this answer is specific to Android. Hopefully it helps:

If you are rooted, or are willing to root your device, you should be able to use a file manager (ASTRO, Root Browser, etc.) to find the WiFi password.

Use the file manager to locate your data/misc/file folder, then look for wpa_supplicant.conf, or I assume it could be wep_supplicant.conf if your network is using WEP instead of WPA. Open the .conf file using a text editor (which is probably built into your file manager application, if not, add that to your shopping list). You should be able to read the password in plain text at that point.
View Passwords For WiFi Networks Saved On Your iPhone With NetworkList

"It is not the easiest of tasks to remember passwords for all the WiFi networks you use regularly. On most devices, once a password is entered for a hotspot, you can forget all about it as next time the device connects to it automatically. When you switch to a new device though, or have to tell the network’s password to a friend, things can get really tricky if you don’t remember it. On desktop computers and even Android devices, there are ways of viewing saved passwords for authorized networks without too much fuss. In the past, we have seen tools like SterJo that are capable of listing passwords for all recognized networks on your desktop within a few seconds.

If you are using an iOS device, though, there has never been any easy way of viewing old passwords for WiFi networks. However, jailbreak users can finally enjoy a solution to this problem, thanks to the newly released NetworkList tweak, which adds a list of all your saved WiFi passwords to the WiFi section of the Settings app.
How to View That Forgotten Wireless Password on Your Android Device

"Have you ever been in a situation where someone in your family hooked your phone or tablet up to the wireless and now you don’t know the password to connect your other devices?

Note: This requires a rooted Android device."
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